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I've had lessons with 3-4 instructors. I felt like I was making no progress. My instructors did not teach me anything. They would get frustrated at me because I would struggle with gears. This just made me reluctant to go back and it became a cycle.

I took the decision to go automatic and it was the best choice partially because of no gears but mainly because I found John. The way he explains things is just better. You understand exactly what he is saying and a lightbulb turns on. In 2 lessons all the problems from my previous instructors had been identified and killed - I was on a road to success and this week I passed my driving test first time.

I can't thank John enough - he transforms your confidence and your understanding of driving. He also makes you realise a lot of what other instructors make you do is excessive / pointless.

I 100% recommend John, he will transform your thinking quickly, explain everything clearly and you will go in to your test knowing you can pas

Fantastic Teacher!

I have had lessons on and off for the past 10 years and learnt with 6 different instructors. My confidence was rock bottom, and I was convinced that it was a problem with me. 
Over the last year I have learnt to drive with John and he has built my confidence in driving so much. John has a very structured and well thought out teaching technique and is extremely experienced.
Today I passed my driving test with 1 minor and I can't quite believe it! If like me you feel you're abit of a lost cause or unteachable, don't give up until you have given learning with John ago.

Couldn't recommend more!

26/05/2015 by RachelAnnLong91

I passed my test first time thanks to John, he really helped to build my confidence and always found ways to encourage me. I would thoroughly recommend him as he always made me feel relaxed. I had driving lessons years before John and absolutely hated driving - I felt like I would never learn! John raised my self esteem and gave me the confidence to drive. I passed! Woohoo !

Simply the Best!

02/06/2014 by

It really sums it all up! John teaches you in the simplest way but very logical and effective! I started my lesson in April and today I have passed first time! I am amazed! Having John as an instructor is a bliss to learn to drive, i was actually looking forward to our lessons. I could write more, but the bottom line is; stop wasting your time and money, if you want to pass, learn with the best and rest assured, it will change your life! John, i cannot thank you enough! Again, thank you sooo much! Blue- From Epsom


 Excellent driving instructor. I had tried lessons with other instructors over a 10 year time span. I was very nervous and couldn't quite pull all the skills needed together. After learning with John for a relatively short time, who has a fantastic ability of being able to recognize where things are going wrong and teach how to rectify the issues, I ended up passing my test first time, and have a completely different life now. I wish I had found John 15 years ago! I couldn't recommend this driving school more highly, don't look any further, if you are taught by this instructor you will not just pass you will be a confident GOOD driver.

Passed my driving test today!!! after only 4 months of lessons. what a great 4 months it was I came so far, because of the my great instructor, I have had other instructors before who had trouble teaching me due to their lack of experience but not john within the frist 20 mins of being in the car he had already worked out why I was having so much trouble, thank you for everything I will be sending my brother to you in a couple of years, see you on the road


Hi John,
Just to say thank you for today I was actually very nervous to start but you made me feel so at ease it was a real pleasure to learn and actually enjoy the learning to drive experiance.
Despite a few moments I actually felt in control, comfortable  and confident and thats just the beginning lesson so look forward to the futre.
See you next week.

 I've just passed my driving test after about 6 weeks lessons with Ace Automatic School of Motoring. I gave up lessons for a number of years after I failed my first test and lost all confidence in myself. I am glad I found Ace Automatic School after searching the internet for Automatic driving Instructors in my area and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. John was very reliable, punctual, professional, friendly and always made me feel at ease. I found his teaching techniques very logical and easy to understand, which made the driving and especially manoeuvers so easy. I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with John and was very pleased with the service that I highly recommend him to everyone - you certainly won't be disappointed


 Thank you so much John, for your continued persistence and faith in me. You made me feel so much at ease, and i still can't believe i have passed. I've sat down for past 2 hours just staring at the certificate. It feels so unreal. Thanks a million.  Banke

I had 3 instructors before and didn't get anywhere. John was just the best instructor I passed my Test first time! Debbie Epsom Surrey.

 Banke Odujinrin

Thanks John for making me feel so at ease behind the wheel and generally comfortable- even barely an hour into the first lesson. I look forward to future lessons on the way to becoming an expert driver.

 Dear John,

It has been several months now, since you successfully got me my driving license and ultimately gave me the freedom to travel. Through your excellent guidance and perseverance you made me believe I could become a skilful and dedicated driver. Our weekly sessions became a real pleasure and over a period of time I realised my goal was not only desirable but achievable.

Since passing my theory test, hazard perception test and driving test I have purchased a little run-around car (a three door Corsa) and have gone from strength to strength. The pleasure I feel from driving is indescribable and the sense of freedom is wonderful. To say, a simple thank you, for your dedication and hard work seems effortless but it is meant with sincere gratefulness and admiration.

Thanks John,

From a very much appreciated customer.


 I just thought I’d drop you a line to say thank you again for all your help. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to drive (and pass first time!). I really enjoyed the structured lessons which meant that I was able to build on my skills each lesson with a clear focus towards the target of passing my test and being a safe and confident driver. You were very supportive and calm, especially on the morning of my test when nerves had finally got to me! Thanks for running through everything one more time, my mind had of course gone blank. If you ever need a personal recommendation, I’d be happy to provide one. With very best wishes and big thanks once more!



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