automatic driving lessons


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Have you actually thought about how you decide on your driving instructor – is it on price alone or the first name in the phone book. This is one of the most important decisions you will make. The gateway to giving you your own mobility There are a number of important factors you should take into consideration.

 Price alone – if they are charging minimal rates they are either not qualified or not very experienced,  remember at today’s prices the car will burn petrol at a rate of apx £6 an hour By the time you remove this overhead, the expense of maintaining the vehicle to a reliable, high standard, advertising, full insurance, all other  overheads, what fee is the instructor taking?

   - As the saying goes if you pay peanuts you get a monkey – are you willing to risk your safety?

I often get pupils referred to me who despite having received and paid for 50-60 hours tiuitions with these cheap, inexperienced schools can hardly steer the car. In the long run there is no saving

Remember to ask:

1)  are they fully qualified and hold a green badge (this should be evidenced in the vehicle)?

2)  how long have they been qualified?

3)  what grade they are?........Grade 4 is the minimum standard (a poor instructor) Grade 6 top grade(a very good instructor) 

4)  for proof of grade on first lesson

5) what is their pass rate?

6) what car are they using?

7) do they piggy back lessons(you will spend half your lesson taking the instructor’s previous pupil home – this not a wise use of your valuable tuition time)

8) do they have the appropriate insurance cover in place?


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